Angry Birds Rio

Review of Angry Birds Rio for iPod

Angry birds is one of the most played games on the iPod Touch and Angry Birds Rio is the latest addition to this game. In this game, the real angry birds get kidnapped and shifted to a magical city known as Rio de Janeiro. The birds try to escape and save their friends.

About Angry Birds Rio For iPod Touch

Angry Birds Rio

This iPod Nano game features the game play based on the original game paired in the film from Fox Motion Pictures known as Rio. Angry Birds Rio is an exciting app game for your iPod and it has some great features.

The game features three episodes of 90 exciting levels. It includes some great achievements and many hidden special fruits which you need to discover as you progress in the game. Angry Birds Rio will test your skills by arranging a fight with the boss. You can expect much more from this game as the year progresses as you will receive updates whenever new levels or episodes are released.

Angry Birds Rio will surely keep you entertained throughout the progress of the game and it ensures that you have a great time in playing the game. It also includes many twists in many levels of the game which makes it more interesting to play. You need to get this application for iPod and save the birds from the smugglers. This top iPod Touch game is a great addition to the Angry Birds series and the main point is that it is getting more interesting than ever before. So don’t wait long before you get your hands on this exciting and entertaining game.

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