Angry Birds

Angry Birds: Physics, Logic, And Loads Of Fun!

Summary: Angry Birds is known to be one of the most popular, and not to mention, one of the most addictive games for iPod Touch and iPhone users. This game uses the combined skills of physics, logic, as well as brute force to crush the fortified castles constructed by the pigs. Each level brings you closer and closer to retrieving the stolen eggs!

One of the top 10 iPod Touch games is Angry Birds. Apple users worldwide have noted this game to have its winning streak the App Store as one of the most downloaded iPod Touch games in iPod App Store history. This game is also available amongst Android users, but Apple users download it more.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds: An Addicting iPod Game

The premise of Angry Birds is about a flock of birds whose eggs have been stolen by a group of green-colored pigs. The birds are used as the pebble equivalent of a slingshot, and there are different kinds of birds that have different features. This is quite interesting a game because each of the birds has a specific forte, such as destroying metal, wood, functioning as a boomerang, among others.

Angry Birds is a very addicting iPod Classic game, and coupled with the very cute graphics and fun sounds, this game is sure to please anybody playing it! It is enjoyed by iPod Touch and iPhone users of different ages as it is really catered to those who enjoy playing games that include a bit of strategy in them.

Angry Birds is a very fun game to play, and with the use of their very unique and destructive powers, their challenge to finish the green pigs and claim their eggs can be accomplished using the correct application of both physics and strategy to destroy their fortified castles. This is a challenging castle demolition game, with each of the 240 levels requiring skill, logic, and especially brute force to crush the pigs!

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