Summary: Archetype is an online game which is downloadable and functional via iPod

Archetype: Multi-Player Game

Archetype is the well known multi-player game and it can be downloaded on iPod Touch. This exciting game provides thrills, sensational delight, wild fun and glamour.  Your iPod Touch will support this online video game. You can change the snapshots if required using different modes of iPod Touch. The flat LCD screen displays the snapshots of the video game in more organized way. It creates the warlike situation and encourages gallantry and bloodshed battle at the war field. You will get raw excitement and unmixed pleasure to heat up your body in intoxicated fun.

The background music of Archetype is really impressive with long lasting impact. This iPod Touch game is colorful and stained in violence and melee.  The sequence in this game is really eye-catching and marvelous. To have FPS experiences, you will have to use your iPod Touch for activation of the video based game.  You can tune this superb game by operating your touch screen iPod pad to watch the colorful majestic beauty of this iPod game.

iPod Touch Game Graphics

The graphic picture is really attractive and digital sound track vibrates the air.  Even you can wear headset with microphone to play this top iPod game without facing distorted sound or vibration halfway through the game. Deathmatches episodes are very charming and pleasurable to watch. Upgrade your iPod Touch for installing Archetype online game which is impressive, original and deeply vibrant in color and quality.  iPod Touch is able to download over 20 different levels of games. You can add or delete the game at any time at the press of the soft keys of the iPod Touch.  You can use the select mode to add new editions in your check list of iPod.

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