Free And Addicting Games for iPhone

Free games for the iPhone are nice, but what you really want are those iPhone games that are so fun you quickly become addicted, playing whenever you have a moment. We are going to take a look at some of the better iPhone games that you can get for free. After that, we will give you some ideas on what types of free iPhone games might interest you the most.

When it comes to free apps for the iPhone, there are quite a few choices available. The trick is finding something you like without spending too much time with games that aren’t any good. We should be able to help with this.
Best Free iPhone Games

Best Free iPhone Games

Here’s a look at some of our favorite best free iPhone games. They may not appeal to you, but they’re some of the ones we really liked. Enjoy!

- RhinoBall – Based on an upcoming Walt Disney movie, this is a cool tilt and roll game.

- Cube – First person shooter with good graphics that has both single and multi-player modes.

- TapDefense – Build your defense and take out the invaders. This is an addictive strategy game.

- iGolf – Golf – on your phone. What else is there to say other than this is a good representation. I wonder what would have happened if Tiger Woods had downloaded it.

- iBall 3D – Another tilt and roll game, but this time in 3D, which makes it a little different. Definitely worth the download.

- JellyCar – Great, unique driving game for your iPhone.

- iPint – This isn’t really a game – maybe a party game. Still, it looks like a real pint and the physics match too!

There are many other free and ‘lite’ versions of iPhone games available. Keep looking and you’re sure to find something that’s right up your alley.

Which iPhone Game is for You?

We’ve shown some examples of free iPhone games, but depending on what types of games you enjoy, they may or may not be for you. For example, if you’re really into strategy and war games, finding a version of Hangman is probably not going to get you very excited. The good news is that no matter what types of iPhone games you enjoy, you’re going to be able to find some free ones for your iPhone if you spend the time to look around.

Addicting iPhone Games

From card games to slot machines to role playing strategy games or first person shooters, the iPhone App Store has tons of great downloads. And many are free, making it easy to find a game you really enjoy. Even if it’s a lite version, if you enjoy the free version, it’s usually only a few bucks to get the complete version. This is one of the reasons the iPhone is so popular – especially among those who enjoy games on the go. Say goodbye to having to carry another portable gaming machine and say hello to the wonderful world of iPhone and iPod Touch games.

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