A Brief Review On Canabalt iPod Game

Canabalt is a platform game developed by Semi Secret Software, and released to the public (United States) on October 19, 2009. This game, though created to be played in a Mac Book, is also designed in such a way that it can be installed in your iPod Touch or iPhone. The general feel and look of the game keeps it classic throughout the years.

Presentation-wise, Canabalt has a very minimalistic design and background. The graphics are quite simple, although it fits the high application standards of a Mac Book. The sound effects are also subtle, but the overall music is very appealing and exciting. Entirely, the graphics and the soundtrack are kept to a bare minimum so as not to distract you from the fast-track game play.

Playing Canabalt on iPod Touch

In terms of game play, Canabalt is a simple iPod Touch game of running. The aim of this top iPod game is to go as far as you can without stopping. Your score depends on the distance that you’ve travelled from point A to point B. The game is purely horizontal and is very limiting in terms of direction, as you can only move one way, which is forward.
To increase the difficulty factor, your path will be surrounded by various obstacles that you either have to jump over or go under. These obstacles, if you hit them, will cause you to lose momentum and velocity, giving you a lower score. It has no replay button. There is also no room for error or practice, since no two paths are alike.

The game’s trademark is its randomness, as seen by the different levels that you will encounter once you press the start button. Canabalt is one of the best iPod Touch games to play to pass time because of its simple and exciting interface. However, the same could not be said if you wish to play longer.

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