Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings is a game played on the iPhone or iPod Touch and can be downloaded in the App Store. An RPG free iPod game that is very similar with the Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, it starts with an epic story and storyline. This is perfect for those people who enjoy playing RPG games.

A solar eclipse begins the game and that takes away five couples to a place called the Ark Arena. There is a robotic agent character which will give these couples clear instructions and these instructions include, fighting to death and only within the arena and refusal will lead to disqualification and death.

Chaos Rings iPod Games

Chaos Rings

The winning couples in Chaos Rings will receive immortality and eternal youth. Some of the captives decide to test the house rules and the five couples quickly turn into four. You will be able to take control of the game’s two primary couples at first although the other two couples are also unlockable. You must get trained by exploring lush environments that are accessible through the Ark Arena and as you explore you will run into many different battles with monsters and there are also treasure chests to raid and you will find puzzles to solve as well.

Chaos Rings is a very enjoyable yet very challenging game which is perfect for people who love RPG games and for others who don’t, you will surely get hooked on to this game and you will be playing for hours. Get it now in the App Store!

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