Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer is a game played on the iPhone or iPod Touch and the game itself has been extremely popular ever since its release in the App Store. The good thing is that the iPod touch game can be downloaded for free! In this game, you will visit the palace courtyard and drop coins into the box for New Year’s goodies. The coins should not be dropped on the side or it will be picked up by other partygoers on the streets.

In Coin Dozer, you will collect rabbit statues, fireworks, Japanese objects and more to help you earn special bonuses and even more coins. You should also keep an eye on the powerful dragons and gain level for special effects and grab special coins to increase your coin-nabbing power further. If you run out of coins, there’s no need to worry because more will be filling up your New Year’s envelope very soon.

Coin Dozer For iPod Touch

Coin Dozer
Coin Dozer has excellent graphics and will really get you hooked on to the game. This is perfect to play especially when you’re killing time. You will have an entertaining time waiting for that appointment and you will be able to have fun while waiting or just simply relaxing after a long day. Nothing beats having something to have fun on your iPod Touch or iPhone. You will really catch yourself playing this iPod game over and over again. This can be played by people of all ages; even your little kids especially if they are getting impatient. They will learn some skills as well while playing the game and will stimulate their brain and motor skills.

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