Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a very popular game for the iPod Touch and iPhone and for other touch screen devices as well. This game will allow you to cook different dishes.

If you love to cook, then this is the perfect iPod game for you. You will have to do all cooking-related tasks such as slicing, dicing, boiling and even sautéing.

Also, you will be able to arrange the ingredients and peel off the ingredients. You will have to crack some eggs or bake some recipes. Cooking Mama has a lot of recipes and for each cooking task, you will be awarded with points. If you didn’t get a specific task right, “mama” will show up her face with a fire in her eyes and a sad face but when you do every task alright, “mama” will cheer for you.

Cooking Mama

What’s Cool About Cooking Mama?

Yes, in Cooking Mama, you will be slicing, dicing and doing other cooking-related tasks manually because you will be doing it with your fingers. You will really enjoy this iPod Nano game and you will also learn a lot from these recipes. However, most recipes are simplified of course. As you progress, you will be faced with difficult recipes and longer cooking tasks because you will be faced with many tasks in order to complete a particular recipe.

Cooking Mama can be played by all ages and you will surely love this and your kids will learn a lot from it as well because they will be taught to sort shapes, add and other educational things that are expressed through the art or form of cooking.

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