Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a game that can be played on the iPod Touch or iPhone. The game has been gaining popularity these days.

Playing Cut The Rope on iPod Touch

The first scene of the iPod game will start with a mysterious package left at your door with a label on it that reads “feed with candy”. Inside the box, a green creature known as “Om Nom” who loves candy is suspended with a different array of ropes.

You should be able to feed Om Nom the candy by cutting odd ropes. As your level progresses, you will find that each stage will get harder and harder and complicated. Once you fail giving Om Nom the candy and the rope is cut in a different way, it will fall and Om Nom will cry or put on a sad face. Cut the Rope is one of the best iPod Touch games, and is mind stimulating because you have to find ways and figure out which strings to cut in order to swing a piece of the candy into Om Nom’s open mouth.
Cut The Rope
You will see a start system grading on Cut The Rope when to grade your performance. A lot of people are getting hooked on to this game and even children. This is exercise for the mind because you really have to think in order to give Om Nom his candy. If you don’t have this game yet, you’re missing out on a lot and now it’s your time to download this iPod Touch game in the App store.

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