Diner Dash

Diner Dash is a very addictive fast-paced game that will have you glued to your iPod as you try to deliver the never-ending orders by impatient customers!

Very Popular iPod Game

Diner Dash

This iPod game is very popular and is one of the biggest iPod games with more than 8 million download. It made its entry as a small mini game for PC, but the iPod avatar of the game is much better looking, leveraging the crystal clear display of the iPod. Diner Dash gameplay involves building a restaurant empire with the cute girl-next-door Flo – the protagonist.

Through this iPod Touch game, people can vicariously live out the fantasy they always had of owning a diner. Take Flo through more than 50 levels and move up to as many as five restaurants starting with one small greasy spoon that sees gradual improvement with Flo’s hard work. In Diner Dash, the customers crave constant attention and their needs must be taken care of, else they will leave in a huff without paying the bill and that is not a good thing! Soothe guests with some black coffee and buy yourself time.

Diner Dash Popular iPod Touch Game

Diner Dash is the ideal free iPod game to have when traveling as it hours loads of fun and you won’t realize how time flies by. And the makers of the game are not resting on their laurels; they keep it fresh with constant bug fixes, updates and upgrades. There is also a multi-player option of this iPod Classic game you can leverage to get your friends help you with running the diner and make things easier for poor Flo.

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