Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is one of the innovative games developed for play on iPod Touch. Its features include three secret Easter eggs and eight incredible worlds; black holes, UFOs, disappearing, moving, broken, moveable as well as exploding platforms; rockets, propeller hats, springs and jet packs to lift the doodle to high levels, jump on to monsters and keep them down in a style and global leader boards. You can earn more points playing this game. You can upload your highest score to Twitter and face book.

Doodle Jump is an addictive and one of the best iPod Touch games. Once you have started playing, you will never want to stop. It was developed nicely to offer fun while playing. In order to play this game, you need to have access to 2G iPod Touch, Wi-Fi Connection, Game Center and iOS 4.1. Graphics are very good. You can play this top iPod game with single hand using a button provided on the screen.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump iPod Touch Addicting Game

Individuals, who played this game, gives 4 star rating for Graphics, 5 star rating for overall performance, 5 star rating for controls and 4 star rating for sound. It is an amazing iPod game. Individuals, who started playing this game, continue to play this game without any hassles. Their intention is to increase their score, compete with others and stay on top.

You can buy and download Doodle Jump game from iTunes app store online. It is very easy to play. Graphics are amazing to provide pleasant experience to the players. A cartoon character is provided in this game. You need to move this cartoon to higher levels overcoming all the odds such as monsters, UFOs and black holes. You can control your character by holding your iPod Touch upright and then tilt it. You can use hats with helicopter blades and rocket packs to jump to higher levels and keep on earning points indefinitely.

Summary of Doodle Jump For iPod Touch And iPhone

Doodle Jump is a nice iPod Touch game to download and play for fun and to spend your leisure time. It is an addictive game. Make sure to play only for spending your leisure time. You can play this game anywhere for fun.

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