Drum Kit

Drum Kit is one of the must have applications for iPod as it offers great features to enjoy yourself and feel like you are playing the real drums. The great thing about the app is that even if you are a non-drummer, you can easily learn and play this game.

If you ever had the dream to become a drummer, then this app can certainly bring a lot of joy to you. Now you can easily impress your friends with the fine tune of this iPod Touch app. You can easily play the drums along with the songs in your media player.

Drum Kit iPod Application

Drum Kit iPod GameDrum Kit app allows you to record while you play and easily save them to your iPod device. This app has some great features which makes it a must have game for your iPod Nano. It includes 6-piece kit i.e. bass, snare, 4 toms, open and closed hi-hat, ride, clash and splash. It includes industrial, electronics and acoustic themes which makes it very attractive. It features two types of volume controls; one is for playing media files and other for the drum sounds.

The Drum Kit app allows you to record, edit and load tracks. This game features 16-bit stereo sound system. You can easily play multiple drums and feel like you are playing real drums. You will also get techno, rock, hip-hop, classic and dance kits included with the app and many more are to be launched shortly. When you tap the drum head, you get a visual feedback. Overall Drum Kit is one of the top iPod Touch games to enjoy your time.

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