Farm Story

Currently, the game Farm Story has been made available to the public, and since its release, it has garnered a decent level of popularity among mobile gamers.

With games like Farmville dominating Facebook pages, it is very hard not to get excited with the prospect of a new farming game that can easily be played on your iPod Touch or iPhone, regardless of where you are. Like most farming games, you will need an internet connection to continue playing for hours and hours.

Farm Story For iPod Touch

Farm Story iPod

In terms of game play, Farm Story is very similar to other games like Farmville. The aim of this iPod Touch game is to grow crops and extend the range of your field. You play as a farmer, which will move to a small square spot that you click on to instigate action. A marketplace is also available if you want to buy crops, animals, and decorations for your farm. The money that you will need to purchase items is the money that you earn from your crops. The game is fairly simple but enjoyable and addictive.

The graphics are very detailed and enticing to the eyes. The music and the sound effects are also very appealing. However, most gamers will tend to minimize the volume as it can be quite distracting when you are so into playing the game. All in all, Farm Story is a good application for you to have on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

However, Farm Story seems to lack a sense of social networking. Unlike most farming games, you cannot befriend a person who also plays the game on his mobile. You cannot visit other people’s farms nor can you interact with them. Offline notifications are also non-existent, so you are not able to monitor your progress without opening the application.

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