Fieldrunners: Excellent Game Play for Your iPod

Summary: Fieldrunners is known to be the best tower defense iPod game available in the app store today. It is very creative, engaging, and provides a challenge for those who are into this game classification. Your goal is to defend your tower’s exit, and likewise use four different towers to battle the enemies.

Based on statistics, Fieldrunners is by far the best game that involves tower defense downloaded by iPod users in the app store! In a nutshell, this game sports excellent visual aesthetics, paving the way for a very awesome game play. Tower defense games make it your goal to defend your tower’s exit, in order to make sure that there are no enemies who make it through. This is usually done by strategically placing two towers on the map. You earn money each time you kill or defeat an enemy, and this money earned can be spent on upgrading your pre-existing towers, or by building more of them.

Fieldrunner For iPod Touch

FieldrunnersIn Fieldrunners, you will have to deal with different kinds of enemies such as the likes of motorbikes, foot soldiers, tanks, mechs, and even helicopters. It should be remembered that each of these enemies has their own weak points, and in order to put an end to them, you will need to have four types of towers included in your arsenal. These towers are the Gatling Tower for quick construction defenses, the Missile Tower for defense against air units, the Lightning Tower, which is the ultimate weapon by firing a single lighting bolt that incinerates the enemies within seconds, and lastly, the Goo Tower that takes care of sticky situations.

What makes Fieldrunners very fun and engaging is that you have the freedom to try out various tower arrangement strategies to see which one works the best for you. You may also make and replicate various tower combinations in Fieldrunners, allowing you to exercise your creativity and strategizing skills, making it an instant hit.

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