Flight Control

Flight Control is a very simple yet addictive iPod Touch application that is designed by FireMint. It once again brought out the popularity of flying games that we came to love so much during the past centuries. This iPod touch game has only one level and one goal: to land air crafts. It is currently available from any online store at $0.99 cents only. The price is rumored to go up so you should buy it now while it is still very cheap.

In terms of game play, Flight Control is not difficult to understand. The game’s objective is to land as many planes as you can, given the limited time. You play an air traffic controller, and it is your job to guide the aircraft to the landing strip. You do this by tapping on a plane and dragging it onto the strip. The game is made harder by the random speed of the incoming planes.

Flight Control iPod Touch Game

Flight Control

Flight Control is made with a very minimalistic setting. The graphics of this iPod game are very simple, and are not too detailed. It is similar in appearance to comic book characters during the late 80’s. The sound is also not too busy. In fact, you can completely mute the sound if you want to play music that you’ve saved in your phone.

As mobile games go, Flight Control is too simple for many people. It lacks the excitement that all games should have. However, it makes up for it by its randomness. You are sure to enjoy the difficulty that it will send your way when fast airplanes need to land as quickly and safely as possible.

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