Review of Fling for iPod

Fling is a nice game designed for iPod Tiuch. You can play this innovative puzzle game on your iPod Touch. It is accompanied with clean and nice audio. I used to play puzzles on iPod while muting the audio. However, I do not mute the sound while playing Fling on iPod Touch. It offers nice sounds when playing the game. Graphics are amazing with clear details on each of the fur ball. It has many levels of playing.

The main aim this Fling iPod Touch game to move all the fur balls just leaving only one at the end of the game. You can download this free iPod Touch game from iTunes. Users, who played this game, have awarded 5 star rating for this game. It is a lovely game to play. It has up, down, left and right moves. You can eliminate balls one by one flicking the ball against another. You have to repeat this until you eliminate all the fur balls except one on the screen. You can utilize back button to make a back move in case you made mistake.


You can use Cheat button if you are stuck in playing the game. Using this button you can make move to the solvable level.  Once you utilize this button, you are prevented from this button again in next level. You can see all the balls in a top down approach. You can see the balls in various colors including blue, violet, red and green. You can see clear details on each fur ball. It is nice puzzle game to play in your free time.

Summary of Fling iPod Game

Millions of players, who own iPod Touch, are playing this top iPod Touch gameFling. It is nicely designed to offer fun playing the game with nice audio and graphics. It has many levels of playing. You have to think and make moves wisely in level 7.

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