Top 5 Free iPod Touch Games

The free iPod Touch games are taking away your heart in all manners. You will love to have them in different ways. I have distributed 5 top iPod Touch games in three different categories. Have a look at them!

Free iPod Touch action games!

Dead Space 2

It holds a powerful story line along with sci-fi horror theme. You must know that it is the visceral action filled third-person action or shooter game for the brim. On the other side, the great execution and higher level production value is capable enough to create and give mind blowing experience. The protagonist here is named as Isaac Clarke who holds mind taking action scenarios center. He was out for a while but now once he returns, he finds himself on Saturn’s moon in the massive space city. It was the first game to be nominated in the free iPod Touch games in action level.

Free iPod Touch Games

Srick Fu

It is a cool action plot for anyone out there having awesome love and feed. It is one of the side scrolling beat them up game, ala Bad Dudes, but having quite a stick figures and there is no President Ronnie. It is one of the cool free iPod Touch games because it holds everything from just cute and sweet cartoon graphics up to an RPG like leveling system. Moreover, there are over 5 separate environments and each environment has various levels to cross through fighting through your own way. You just have to be ready to kick some butt.

Free iPod Touch Scramble Game!

Scramble Live

Here I have suggested just one plot under this category of free iPod Touch games. Zynga has actually launched its Scramble Live word game for people having iPod Touch. You have to connect letters on simply a 4×4 or 5×5 boards. Of course this iPod game provides both multi player games and solo games along with pass modes which is an additional feature to its live mode.

Free iPod Touch Treasure games!

The Treasure of Montezuma

It is one of the best free iPod Touch games that will occupy your whole attention. It holds the range of over 120 levels along with adventure mode having various difficulties. This gave promises that you will spend every single minute of your free time on your iPod Touch. That is completely assured. You have to find the hidden treasures and earn money so that you as a player can purchase upgrades and can also repair the lost city of the Aztecs.

Mummy’s Treasure

Here you will be exploring the Pharaoh’s tomb in this puzzled adventure. You will be venturing into the lairs of the mummies, will be collecting the treasures and will also solve puzzles. This treasure game will actually test your wits and the strength of deduction. It gives you mind blowing, detailed and beautiful Retina Display graphics.

The promise is very easy to understand, the player has to collect all the treasures by being aware of the skeleton heads and mummy. The reality is that it will become quite complex in short span of time.

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