Fruit Ninja

A Review On Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another released platform game for your iPod or iPhone. Developed by Halfbrick Studios, this cool iPod Touch application offers a simple and funny way to kill time.

It allows you to slice, dice, and even learn more about your favorite fruits. For such an affordable iPod Touch game, you are guaranteed several minutes of entertainment and good old fun.

As with many iPod Touch applications nowadays, Fruit Ninja can also be played in your computer, provided that you own a Mac Book. However, this application differs from the others in terms of the graphics and the music scores. While most games are designed as simply as possible, Halfbrick Studios went out of its way for this one. Nearly every graphic detail of the fruits, the background, and the controls are created as intricately as possible.
Fruit Ninja

The Objective of Fruit Ninja

This is obviously seen once you start playing. The objective of Fruit Ninja is to slice every fruit that comes your way, by making a slicing motion on the phone’s touch screen where the object is. If you miss at least three fruit, the game is over. What makes this top iPod game fun, aside from the simple instructions, is its graphics. When you slice a fruit, you are able to see all the minute details that you will see when you cut into a fruit in real life.

The soundtrack is also very pleasing to the ears. Sound effects are enjoyable to listen to, especially when you’re slicing fruits, as each sound will differ depending on the fruit. The game is made more exciting by extra objects that will come at you instead of fruits. While some will give you bonuses and power-ups when cut, others do not and shouldn’t be cut. An example is the bomb, which when cut, will automatically end the game.

Fruit Ninja will also give you some tidbits about the different fruits. This application is a good way to kill time when you’re bored. However, as it only has one level, it is not designed for long-term gaming. Aside from the graphics and the sound, not much else is interesting.

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