Gun Bros: Thrilling Game For iPhone

You can find hundreds of games form Apple stores that have made iPhone a more useful than ever with excitement of action filled games. Gun Bros is one of such games from Glu Games, which is meant for iPhone and other devices.

The plot of the game is the classical fight of the good over evil. To make the fight more challenging you have the opposing forces of T.O.O.L . Empire with vast destructive powers. You have to play as one of the gun brothers and destroy as many evil enemies as possible with the help of your brother.

Gun Bros For iPod Touch

Gun Bros

The quick start guide will give all the intrigue of the games; tips, hints, tricks and cheats that help you to survive in the dangerous fight with the evil.

You can download this iPod Touch game from the Apple Store free of any charges. After installation tap it on the home screen to begin the adventure. You will have to choose among the two brothers so that you, the player will take role of controlling the chosen brother. In power and abilities both brothers are identical, hence any brother you like though they have different appearances.

There are many levels to reach and this top iPod game is highly addictive. As you kill enemies you will earn “Xplodium”. These gems can be found scattered all over the place and they will be converted to coins on the Refinery screen. There are complex ways the scores are calculated to give you the status of your game.

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