Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade Review For The iPod Touch Or iPhone

Infinity blade for the iPod Touch or iPhone is becoming more and more popular. You might have seen a lot of teasers before the game was released on the App store. Just so you know this iPod Touch game is not open world RPG. Of course, there are RPG elements live leveling but you won’t be able to roam around, unlike real RPG games.

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The start of the Infinity blade is a bit of a story and from this you will take your adventure. On each path lies a fight with a monster and of course you have to defeat the enemy in order to advance on another level. The good thing is you are free to collect coins, treasures and health potions before battles. This will help you become stronger and stock up on health potions. If you known Fruit Ninja, the controls are the same. A simple swipe on the iPod touch screen will swing your weapon.
Infinity Blade

Infinite Blade: A perfect iPod Touch Game To Play

At the end of every battle, you will then be rewarded with gold and experience. Your gear will gain experience as well making it even stronger. The points can be used on attack, life, magic and defense. You also have money to buy new equipment. Infinity blade has wowed a lot of iPod Touch or iPhone users and they just can’t get enough of this game. A perfect game to play if you want to be challenged and on the edge or your seat. You will also feel all emotions especially if you get defeated or if you defeat your enemy.

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