Osmos is a cool app for your iPod Touch and iPhone.  It’s a game that can fully immerse you into a meditative state if you play it.  It is a game best played with headphones and a nice sofa as it offers chill out electronic music to relax and soothe your senses.

Playing Osmos on Your iPod Touch

This cool iPod Touch game puts you in control of a spherical matter called a “Mote”. This orb so to speak floats around a dark universe and bumps with other Motes and absorbs them.  The object is to absorb as many motes without getting devoured by Motes bigger than you are.
Osmos iPod Game
In Osmos, manipulating the Mote is as simple as tapping it with your fingers. If you tap a small Mote it will bounce off the edge and into the opposite space. If you tap multiple times in a row will gain you speed and can expel a bigger Mote but will result in your Mote becoming smaller making you vulnerable to other bigger ones. If you are skilled enough to reach the advanced levels of the game the difficulty will be greater as there will be multiple Motes waiting to devour you.

Osmos: A Perfect iPod Touch Game For a Lazy Afternoon

Osmos is an iPod Touch game that requires good and steady fingers to skillfully manipulate the movements of the Mote.  It requires a bit of analytical thought as the game is akin to puzzle games of the past. Overall, Osmos is a really challenging and relaxing app for your iPod Touch or iPhone.  It has 72 levels of gaming bliss.

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