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Conquer Boredom with Paper Toss

Summary: If ever you find yourself in a fit of boredom, you can ease this out by playing a game of Paper Toss on your iPod Touch. All you have to do is to simply flick the crumpled up paper ball into the trashcan. This iPod Touch game also has a catch in the form of a fan blowing in the opposite direction. The game also comes with a number of levels and scenarios to choose from.

If you find yourself waiting for a meeting and twiddling your thumbs, it is a clear indication that boredom has struck yet again, and instead of dawdling and dreaming, whip out your iPod Touch and start playing this very fun iPod Classic game application called Paper Toss!

Paper Toss For iPod Touch

Paper TossPaper Toss is a very simple game with the objective to merely throw a crumbled up piece of paper into the trashcan! You do not have to crumple the paper into a paper ball yourself; it’s already done for you. What you simply need to do is to throw it and shoot it inside the wastebasket. If you miss, it’s really fine. The game will automatically pick it up for you, but it’s more like a disappearing act. In order to throw the crumbled up paper ball into the trash can, all you have to do is to flick your finger in the specific direction where you want the crumpled paper ball to be thrown, and it will easily follow your lead.

But of course, just like any other game, Paper Toss has a catch. You may think that this iPod nano game is not as challenging as it sounds, but you might find yourself to be wrong! There is an electric fan in the game that blows towards a certain direction and at certain speed. Given this, you need to figure out how to throw your crumpled up paper ball, taking into account the speed of the wind.

Paper Toss has a selection of levels to choose from; easy, medium, and hard, depending on how much challenge you want. There are also a number of scenarios to choose from such as Basement, Airport, and Restroom. With each level passed, you go to a higher level, and the further the trashcan is based, making it harder to aim the ball. Have fun!

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