If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, you may be familiar or heard of the game Peggle. What is Peggle and what is enjoyable about this great iPod Touch game that many people are hooked on to this game?

Peggle: Top iPod Touch Game

Peggle is from PopCap games and one of the top iPod Touch games in the market today that are often played on the iPod Touch or iPhone. This is a pachinko-style puzzle. You will be using a click-wheel to control the cannon that you can find at the top of your screen. Silver balls will be charged into a sea and orange pegs which come as round or rectangular in shape. You will need to eliminate the orange pegs so you can move on to the next stage.
Peggle Game
Basically, Peggle is a very easy game to play yet it is very enjoyable and challenging. There are power-ups, moving basket found at the bottom of your screen that will save the ball if it falls inside it and there are production values as well that are very slick. The stages are hosted by a master and Bjorn Unicorn will kick off the iPod game but you will be able to meet other colorful characters as well along the way like Splork, Kat Tut and Warren, the magical bunny.

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You will surely love this Classic iPod game and if you still don’t have this, it’s time to download it for your iPod Touch or iPhone and you will have an enjoyable time especially if you have time to spare. More on Downloading iPod Touch Games.

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