Plants Vs Zombies

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Summary: Plants Vs Zombies, a very popular PC game, can now be downloaded and played on your iPod Touch or iPhone! It definitely is one of the highest selling iPod Touch applications, and it is just as fun and addicting as the one in the PC game. It follows the premise of plants defeating the zombies from eating your brains!

Finally, one of the most popular computer games, Plants Vs Zombies is finally downloadable on the iPod Touch or iPhone! This computer game alone has caused many people worldwide to be hooked, garnering a lot of fans, and a lot of merchandise, to add! This game is quite fun and very, very addictive. It uses strategic skills, as well as a bit of logic and physics.

Plants vs Zombies

In Plants Vs Zombies, you are the gardener who uses plants to ward off the zombies from eating your brains. There are various kinds of plants and flowers, and each of them has unique functions that can put an end to specific kinds of zombies. Some of the essential plants to have around are the sunflower, which provides sunlight for your plants, allowing you to add more of them, and the peashooter, which is the most basic plant that can tackle all zombies, so to speak.

Plants vs Zombies For iPod

In Plants Vs Zombies, you will also be facing a number of zombies that can be quite interesting and funny to watch in action! There is the football zombie, who is hard to defeat given his strong protective gear and swift moves, there is even a Michael Jackson zombie, specifically dressed up as his Thriller character. And yes, other zombies come alive and dance upon his command! There is also a rare Yeti zombie that only appears when you have finished the iPod Touch game once and repeat a specific level.

There are also a number of climates where certain plants may only breed, and you can also purchase additional tools. Although there are a few differences with the Plants Vs Zombies PC game and the top iPod Touch game, they are nevertheless both enjoyable and very addicting.

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