Pocket Frogs

Summary: Pocket Frogs is one of the best games that you can play on your iPod Touch or iPhone. Read on to see how the game works.

Pocket Frogs is a game that can be played on the iPod Touch or iPhone. In this iPod game, you will be in charge of a frog nursery that breeds frogs and you can either sell them for profit or keep them as your pet. However, in this game, you have to wait for your frogs to hatch and mature and there are a lot of add-ons that you can spend like in-game coins to make your habitat more beautiful.

Pocket Frogs For iPod

Pocket Frogs In Pocket Frogs, while you are waiting for your frogs to hatch and mature, there is a pond that will give you something to do. The pond can help mature your frogs and it can also be a platform for you to find some goodies. Your frog will jump from lilypad to lilypad and you will be faced with money, gold baskets and other frogs that you can help breed. Every time you breed, you will gain more experience.

Pocket Frogs will also give you some missions. You will definitely enjoy this iPod Nano game; especially young kids. Get this iPod Touch game from the App Store and you will have a unique game to play. In fact, if you hate frogs, you will surely love them once you play this particular kind of game. Many enjoy this game especially when they are killing time or waiting for something or someone as this will provide them entertainment while they are waiting. This game is really addictive and many people are hooked on to this game!

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