Pocket God

Pocket God is a game app for the iPod Touch and the iPhone that allows users to play a deity having power over life or death over the pygmies that inhabit an island.  The players have the option to be nice or cruel in many ingenious and often times comical ways.

A Role Playing iPod Touch Game

In Pocket God, you play the role of a finger that can throw pygmies to the ocean at will or rain them down from the clouds as you like.  You could also throw them at the volcano in the background but it requires a little bit of skill.  If you are able to throw pygmies successfully it will erupt and spew hot lava on the island, which will burn the remaining inhabitants to ash.  If you want to simulate an earthquake, all you have to do is shake your iPod Touch or iPhone.  Tilting it can also simulate gravity effects on the pygmies causing them to tumble all over the game screen.
Pocket God
If you prefer lightning to rain down on the hapless pygmies you can do that as well in Pocket God. All you have to do is drag the clouds with your finger to create dark gray overhead clouds then drag a line to a pygmy from the clouds and voila you have instant lightning!

Pocket God is one of the most amusing iPod Touch apps I have ever come across.  It offers excellent graphics and superior sound quality. The frame rate is also excellent, as I did not experience any glitches while playing it.  Overall it is a very amusing app and one of the best ipod games ever, that will entertain players for a very long time.

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