Rat on the Run

Rat on the Run is a game that can be played on the iPhone or iPod Touch. In this iPod Touch game, you will need a ratty in perfect shape for the winter and this means that you have to make ratty fat with all the cheese that you can get. If you think this is easy, then think again.

There are a lot of obstacles that you have to look out for as there are spiders, slimy blobs and other obstacles that you must go through to get some cheese.

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The style of the game is very similar to the Super Mario Bros. Game as you will have to run around a maze to avoid traps in order to collect cheese. You may think that this is boring but wait until you get the chance to play the game and you will surely enjoy it. In fact, if you enjoyed the Super Mario Brothers game, you will definitely enjoy this as well.

Rat on the runRat on the Run is really an enjoyable game that can keep you entertained especially if you are killing time. You will never have a boring time playing this game and you will surely love everything about it. The game can be bought through the App Store. However, the game lacks storyline but it will definitely entertain you because it guarantees an enjoyable time which is the one special factor a game app must have.

Get your Rat on the Run in the App Store now and make that rat fatter than ever!

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