Cube Runner

The Cube Runner – A Review of A Cool iPod Touch Game

Do you have a great looking and cool iPhone? Why not make the most of this gadget by installing different interesting games in it? Every now and then new games are being introduced for the iPhone users and they enhance the popularity of this gadget. 

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Cube Runner is one of the latest iPod apps games that keep the iPhone users hooked to their gadgets. If you do not have much idea about this game, then this article can aptly help you in this regard.

Cube Runner is a game for the iPhone and even for the iPod Touch where the player has the challenge of flying his/ her ship across the terrain littered with Cubes. Your aim should always be to get through them. The built-in accelerometer modes are generally used to fly across the terrain and this can be done by tilting the iPhone left and right. You should always play in the landscape mode for best results.
Cube Runner
The key features of Cube Runner are good enough to make the players understand how cool it is by nature. The iPod Touch game comes with fast 3D graphics but then the graphics are simple. The intuitive control system of Cube Runner makes it all the more unique in nature. It comes with many interesting downloadable layout plans. You can even create your own layout plans and share them.  This would offer you with the satisfaction of using the customized layout plans for your own iPhone. A highly fun filled game you should not miss it!

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