Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Tiger Woods PGA Tour for Your iPhone

This is surely a marvelous iPhone and iPod Touch game for it comes with truly amazing features.  With the faithful reproduction of the most famous courses that are present in the real world golf, the game has such a live feel.

This new iPhone version would seem to be very easy and comfortable if you have played the earlier console version of this game.

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This game is seen to feature some different modes of play, like the Play Now mode, which allows the player to take on a single-game match of the stroke and then continue with match play. Doesn’t this make the game highly enjoyable to play?
Tiger Woods PGA
The game comes with seven courses that have been painstakingly created in order to build something accurate to the world of golf. Tiger Woods PGA Tour comes with such features that enable the players to exert more control over the ball that they would be playing with than that in any other types of iPhone golf games. Highly enjoyable, this golf game can be a great playing experience. Even if you were not adept in the game of golf, you would not have any problem in playing the Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

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This game offers a great golf experience. The best thing about this popular iPod game is that it is faithful both to the real-world sport and to the console games, which have inspired it. It is well worth playing for any type of game enthusiast. So go for it, as you would surely love the experience!

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