Tiny Wings

A Brief Review of Tiny Wings iPod Game

Is a game that can be played on the iPhone or iPod Touch and can be downloaded through the iPod App Store.

This is the latest phenomenon and many are hooked in this game. A delightful little play and a one-touch physics iPod game that you can play for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.

One of The Best iPod Touch Games

Tiny Wings starts off with a wingless bird that gets air by diving down the slopes. You need to tap and hold screen when the bird slips down the hills and you must release it for the bird to go up. Your bird will catch height and the faster you go the more distance you can put between your bird and the sky.

Sounds Simple Right?

Tiny Wings
However, a lot of people are challenged with this Tiny Wings iPod Touch app game and many can’t get enough of it. The game itself is very playable simple pleasure and worth your 99 cents. Imagine, an entertaining game for just a couple of cents??? This is such a bargain! Many people loved this game and this game has been all over the internet as there are a lot of people talking about it, there are even a lot of people asking for tips or techniques.

Tiny Wings is a good and fun iPod Touch game and this is perfect if you have some time to spare or you’re waiting for someone or something to arrive. This will keep you entertained during that waiting period and you will definitely not feel bored.

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