The Top 5 iPod Nano Games

The Best 5 iPod Nano Games – iPod Nano 5th generation device is just spell binding in every manner. You can say that the best games for the iPod Nano will be available here. You will get to know about everything here with ease. Here you will get to know the best about the 5th generation games for your iPod Nano. Have a look abut them here.

Great iPod Nano 5th Generation Games

Angry Birds For iPod NanoAngry Birds:

In this plot, the players take the control of a big band of multi-colored birds which are attempting to actually retrieve eggs which have been stolen by some group of evil green pigs. On every level, these pigs are rendered by the structures which have been made up of several materials like stone, ice and word. The player has to eliminate the pigs on every level. With the help of a slingshot, the players release the birds with the intention of either damaging the structures or hitting the pigs. This is the reason it is listed in the iPod games.

iPod Nano Fruit NinjaFruit Ninja:

Till now over 6 million copies of this game have been sold. It is a multiplayer game so people are just fond of it. The support of the gamers has made it a huge hit. It is a number 1 paid game in the countries like Macau, Taiwan, Israel, Russia, Czech Republic, Norway, Germany. Paid iPod App in Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Taiwan and Macau! It is a juicy action game having satisfactory fruit carnage and splatty and squishy carnage. It is one amongst the best fruity iPod Nano games.

Text Twist 2Text Twist 2:

Here, you will have to shuffle the letters as well as form words and it loves to have fun. There are 5 different gaming and challenging modes. In the Letter Mania, the player has to fill in the whole anagram grid prior the time gets over. Every word which has been used has to be replaced. In Lightning level, you have to unscramble all the five words as fast as possible. Finally, in the Daily Word, you have to challenge yourself once a day in order to find the longest word available. It is surely one of the good twisted iPod Touch games.

Doodle God:

The player has to combine the present elements all together in order to gain the access to newer and fresher elements. These combinations can be both metaphorical like combining fire and water to attain alcohol and physical like combining Lava and water to attain Steam and Stone. This plot is always present in the coolest free games for iPod Nano. This plot starts up with just the 4 classical elements as well as centers on to the discovery of 115 elements all across the 14 categories. If the player gets stucked up, there is a hint available for it.

Plants vs. Zombies:

A complete mob of zombies is ready to invade your home. Moreover, your only defense is the arsenal of zombie-zapping plants. You have to be very fats in thinking and plat the plants faster in order to halt the zombies dead in their tracks. the fun of such iPod Nano games will never die, as there are 5 levels.

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