Top 10 iPod Touch Games in 2010

Here you will be getting to know about the top iPod Touch games of the year 2010. They are popular till now. Here we have listed top 10 iPod games of the defined year. Read them carefully so that you can decide which game you would like to install and have fun with. You will love to take them into your device.

List of The Best 10 iPod Touch Games in 2010

Doodle Jump
In Doodle Jump, the player has to guide the “Doodler” with the use of the tilt controls that are present on a spring journey, picking up of the jet packs, springing up on a sheet of paper, blasting “baddies” with the help of the nose balls and avoiding black holes.
Zombie Smash

It can be categorized as the survival Comedy iPod game that features undead-themed castle defense and along with that it entertains the players. You can also say that it is the physics-based game play too. It has to be listed amongst the top iPod Touch games.


You have to roll the ball to the upward side on the ramp with the help of a flick, and then make it move into any one of the numbered holes in order to get tickets, points and the unlock able achievements.

Guerrilla Bob

This iPod game is fats action shooter with the wide options of weapons and high quality visuals. It comes with improved visual effects, controls, and new graphics. It is a multi player game plot. You will always see this game in top iPod Touch games of 2010.

Bejeweled 2

It is a game offered by PopCap. It is available n different versions. It is there for longest time period. It is amongst best iPod Touch applications for you. The graphics have to be rated high on pints. The controls are also easy to follow. It is supported for both landscape and portrait mode.


Another game in the list of best iPod Touch games is Monopoly. You should play the original Monopoly board game, along with the alternative of challenging maximum of 3 friends through the similar WiFi network or can challenge up to 2 friends with the Bluetooth.

YAHTZEE Adventures

You can play this classic Yahtzee game with the help of the 3D dice, simple to utilize touch controls and the dynamic animations.

Plants vs. Zombies

In Plants vs Zombies you can utilize the cherry bombs, wall nuts, peashooters, and many more things to weaken, slow down, mulchify and confuse the 26 different forms of zombies prior they actually reach your front door. This is one of the best iPod Touch games with different theme.

More Salad!

This application is a game best for cooks. I must say those who like making salads will love it. You can make own salad with this tasty game.

Rolando 3

It has been developed by HandCircus. It is a curious game where in Rolando has to save his Kingdom of Rolando and venture through the tropics for the fabled golden orchid which is the cure for the royal plague.

Go ahead and know more about these top iPod Touch games and make you day a heavenly day for sure.

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