Trenches Game Review

Trenches is one of the popular games played on the iPod Touch or iPhone. This iPod game will put you in command of the British forces during the World War I and will give you tasks to push German troops out of occupied France. You will have Riflemen, snipers, machine gunners and mortar crews that are directed within side-scrolling battlefields dotted with barbed wire and trenches.

You will be able to make use of the money that you will get to fuel the efforts of battle. Also, the money can make you purchase troops and artillery because the more ground you capture the greater your earnings. You will also be able to order poison gas and artillery bombardments with the use of your cash. Trenches is really one heck of a game that you surely want to play if you are in for an action-packed historical battle.

Trenches For iPod Touch

trenchesTrenches can be bought in the App Store and you will have a fantastic time. This is also a perfect game to play on your iPhone or iPod touch especially if you are killing time. You will also learn some things as well regarding the First World War. Also, you will be fighting with different armies and all you have to do is cover up and clear some ground from these intruding armies and you will advance and progress on the game itself.

So, if you’re looking for something different and something that you can learn a lot from while keeping you entertained, Trenches is the best iPod Touch game that you should download.

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