Unblock Me

Challenging Puzzle Fun for All Ages

Summary: If you are someone who takes pride in accomplishing challenging puzzles with the use of sheer logic and strategy, then Unblock Me might just be the best iPod Touch game application for you to play with on your iPod Touch.

This iPhone game is very addictive, requiring you hours before you finish a unique puzzle, depending on the difficulty level you choose.

Why Playing Unblock Me on iPod Touch?

With the number of iPod Touch applications to choose from, gaming and puzzles have become quite popular, and Unblock Me is one to be enjoyed by those who want to stimulate their brains and challenge it with the use of sheer logic. This free iPod Touch game is comprised of a number of puzzle games. This game has four different levels to choose from, as well as more than 2,000 puzzles on hand in order to meet the requirements and preferences of each player.
Unblock Me
The beginner to expert levels in Unblock Me is all proven to be a challenge for each of its players. Nevertheless, these puzzles can be very easy, often challenging, but always very addictive to enthusiasts especially those who cannot simply get enough of the challenge these puzzles face them with.

Unblock Me Review

Unblock Me is an iPod game that generally centers on a red block. The player then needs to push this red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks surrounding it. As a matter of fact, the numerous puzzles are all unique and vary per level (beginner, intermediate, or expert/advanced), and is the main reason behind the said addictive quality of this game. Once you start playing this game, you will need hours before you get the red block out.

Because of the numerous puzzles that are provided and offered by Unblock Me, this game application does not confuse you further by keeping count and track of your score. However, you can easily keep track and count of the scores you are awarded with once you have cleared a stage.

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