If you have an iPod touch or an iPhone and you are hooked in many different iPod Touch games, then you might have probably heard of Zenonia.

Zenonia: RPG iPod Tocuh Game

This particular iPod game is an RPG game which is very significant and has earned a lot of good reviews since its release in the App Store. You will be faced with many different quests and you will be required to slay the monsters and you will be following a storyline.

The storyline of Zenonia is based on a boy with an unknown past that has decided to go on a journey to figure out the mysterious death of his father. Just like any other typical story, he will need to make decision which can lead to either good or evil. In this game, you will have the ability to improve your items and you will be faced with many battles and of course, you will level up if you have gotten the enough experience that is needed for you to level up.
Zenonia iPod touch

With Zenonia You Can Customize Your Own Character

Zenonia also lets you customize your own character and there are 3 different classes that you can choose from, Paladin, Warrior or Assassin and each class has its own unique traits. A skill tree with both active and passive traits and you will be able to invest in skill points as well as your character levels up which can make you character stronger and develop new abilities.

Zenonia has captured the hearts of many especially RPG lovers out there. You may see them concentrating on their iPhone or iPod touch and playing Zenonia, on of the top 10 iPod Touch games.

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