Zombie Farm

Harvesting Fun with the Living Dead

Summary: One of the most popular gaming applications for the iPod Touch these days is Zombie Farm.

Having its roots taken from addictive Facebook games such as Café World, Cityville, and Farmville, this iPod Touch game allows you to harvest crops, and yes, the living dead that you can use to invade neighboring farmlands and claim them as your own.

One of The Most Popular iPod Touch Apps

Zombie Farm has indeed become one of the most popular iPod Touch applications. With Facebook games making its members hooked on entrepreneurial-based games such as Cityville, Café World, and Farmville, this zombie-inspired farm game is definitely the iPod Touch counterpart. With the popularity of these creatures who are of the living dead, the number of downloads of this application have been rampant all over the world, and its popularity has also attracted a lot of new players.
Zombie Farm

Playing Zombie Farm on iPhone and iPod Touch

In Zombie Farm, the players are provided with a plot of land, and their task is to transform this piece of land into a goldmine that is infested by zombies. This is done by checking back on the application frequently in order to ensure that the crops are tended to, especially those that require a certain harvest schedule.

Zombie Farm has two major activities. First is maintaining your very own farm, and the other is invading the real estate of your neighbors. The first activity involves a tedious task of having to plant, plow, and harvest your crops. The zombies that you reap immediately become a part of your zombie army, which is used for the mentioned invasions. The other crops grown are used for gold that can be used to purchase items used in the market.

Zombie Farm is known to resemble Farmville on a visual basis. But this iPod Classic game is very creative and remarkable, as it is proven to be a hit amongst iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users. It is nevertheless an exercise of your management skills, using the living dead of course.

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